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How to Have Great Conversations with Teenagers


How to Have Great Conversations with Teenagers

Sometimes conversations with teenagers can get awkward! But hey don't have to be, and teenagers really do want to talk to you!

In this training video Doug Fields discusses three different types of conversations we can master in order to have great, life-changing conversations with students in our care!

The goal of this training session is to give practical tips on interacting with students and impacting lives - whether volunteers are welcoming at youth group, leading a small group or simply interacting with teens in everyday life!


Doug Fields

Speaker, Author, and DYM Co-Founder

Doug Fields is currently the Youth Pastor at Mariners Church in So. CA and most well known for his longevity and influence in the youth ministry (30+ years as a youth pastor) and for writing the award-winning Purpose Driven Youth Ministry—which is a youth ministry textbook translated in over 20 languages and used all over the world. He’s the author of 60+ books, including Your First 2 Years in Youth Ministry and Speaking To Teenagers. He’s the co-founder of where he currently helps lead and the National Day of Volunteer Youth Ministry Training (

A Few Ways to Use This Session

Have some fun with it! Volunteer training shouldn’t be boring… grab some snacks, have some laughs, and learn together!

Use it as training content at your next leader meeting (online or in person)
Email the link to your leaders to watch on their own. Make it dynamic with the included discussion guide!
Choose a verteran leader who models being a leader as opposed to a friend, and ask them to share some personal learnings with your volunteers after watching together!
Gather your team at a park or the church lawn and watch together! Bring some snacks and discuss your greatest takeaways from the training session

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