COVID-19 update:

It’s ON!

The 2nd Annual National Day of Volunteer Youth Ministry Training is happening on September 19th, 2020. Last year we trained 20,000+ volunteers and we’re back again with better training and a stronger offering.

Volunteers may be more important during this wild time than ever before. With fear, confusion, less face-to-face gatherings, there’s so much pressure on volunteers to meet the needs to today’s teenager. This unique time screams, “TRAIN ME!” You can’t expect your volunteers to be strong youth workers without help. Thankfully, we’ve got the help and training they need!

On September 19, 2020 we’re hosting the National Day of Volunteer Youth Ministry Training and we’re gathering in 100’s of churches across the US & Canada to prepare your people for GREAT youth ministry.

Don’t worry… if there are additional, more stringent gathering restrictions we’ll make sure the training is available to their device wherever they’re located.

COVID-19 has made many things unsure/unclear… but there’s one thing WE KNOW is that students need trained leaders in their lives. Train your volunteers to care for students this fall!

One LOW PRICE gets EVERYONE on your team trained. Register now and get them to save the date.

No host site near you and you’re unable to host at your church because of Covid gathering restrictions? We’ve got you! Contact our team for next steps.